Miami is not just a seaside resort

Miami is more than a seaside city For 10 years, Miami has been facing a rapid cultural development that has not been fully followed by the rest of the world. That's why people mistakenly think that Miami is not a "serious business city" where you can only go on vacation. Miami is no longer just a cool vacation spot. A strong cultural identity has been created and

Should we invest in seasonal Miami Beach?

As a real estate investor, you may have already read a lot about how to make Airbnb in Miami Beach. Investing in seasonal Miami Beach has its advantages and disadvantages. 1 - About Airbnb on Miami Beach Investing in Miami Beach is a popular idea among real estate investors. Miami Beach is a popular tourist destination and very famous. The location attracts visitors not only from the United States, but

Miami Condo Hotel Purchase Guide

Miami has always been the playground of choice for beach goers, party goers and tourists in general. The constant demand of people wanting to live and play here makes Miami a natural choice for the Condo-Hotel concept. Almost every major hotel brand in the world has one or is building a new Condo-Hotel in the city. But what is a Condo-Hotel? who is it

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